Attorney Retainer Financing

Attorneys who do not utilize our funding are very familiar with the fact that they are unable to help people who do not have the ability to pay legal fees upfront. Traditionally, attorneys only had one option aiding clients in paying for legal services by offering the ability to pay over time with in-house billing. Now attorneys can offer financing and payment plans for their clients using an outside funding source with advantages including your ability to receive funds within 48-72 hours. Also, by not having to handle any collections, you still maintain a positive attorney-client relationship in the event of a payment default.

Long Term Financing:

For clients needing general legal services including family law and just about any legal service that is not bankruptcy or criminal, financing up to 60 months can be offered with a maximum interest rate of 19.99%. Loans are provided between $2000 and $12,000 and all loans include a 6 month same as cash promotion. We can offer financing with credit scores as low as 600 which is almost unheard of for any professional service. The reason we can offer financing for the majority of your clients is because our programs are strongly weighted on income and not just credit scores. When you offer your clients financing, you will receive your fees within 48-72 hours after approval. Advertising that you offer low payment plans or financing for legal services will increase the number of clients on retainer and set your firm apart from the competition.

Short Term No Credit Needed Payment Plans:

By offering 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans with NO CREDIT NEEDED, you will be able to retain more clients and provide additional legal services on terms they can afford. Our no credit needed payment plans are based on check writing, income and current payment history. Approvals of clients with very low 500 FICO scores are typical. As with the financing program above, your practice will not have to deal with collections as it is all handled by a third party. This program is great for good and bad credit clients with program eligibility extended to criminal cases and nearly any legal specialty excepting bankruptcy.