No Credit Check Financing

No Credit Check 90 and 180 Day Financing

There is a growing number of consumers with very poor credit. Fortunately most of these consumers have income and active checking accounts in good standing.  These customers typically qualify for 90 and 180 financing solutions that can dramatically increase both your customer base and the dollar amount of individuals sales.  You can even advertise 90 and 180 day payment plans with no credit check to bring in more new business.  Simply put, you can easily create more sales that otherwise would not exist.

If you are losing sales over price, with this program you can now ask your customers “Can you afford to pay over 90 or 180 days?” The process is simply enabling you to concentrate on your business. “I can’t afford it…” changes to “I can afford it!”  Extended payment terms also provide you a huge opportunity to upsell.
The process is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Offer customer extended payment option.
  2. Verify customer’s income and key the information into your point of sale terminal or computer.
  3. An authorization code is then sent to you and then you fax back the sale information.

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