Financing Your Customers

If you are not offering our financing to your
customers, you are losing sales!

Financing your customer purchases is important to your business because it means making more sales. If you don’t, your customer may seek a competitor who will.  Unlike traditional banks, we can help you finance more customers which means you make even more sales and beat your competitors!  Imagine if your business could advertise in-house financing and payment to you within 72 hours?

If you are offering bank financing, we can get you more clients approved and offer many of your clients a lower rate!  Care Credit, GE Capital, Wells Fargo and Chase simply do not approve nearly as many clients as we do.  There is NO Risk, NO Reserve and NO Financial Recourse to you!  Here are some of the benefits to your business:

  1. We have a very high 50-70% approval rate!
  2. We lend down to a 560 credit score.  This means that a) you will get more customers approved and that b) you can MARKET to a NEW CUSTOMER BASE without perfect credit.
    1. GE Capital and Care Credit typically do not approve customers below a 720 credit score!
  3. We provide a CLOUD BASED LENDING solution!  This means NO Terminal, NO Lease (ALL Month To Month), NO Hardware, and NO Software.  All you need is an Internet Connection.
  4. We will show you how to pay 0% of the Merchant Discount Rate yet receive 100% of the sales price.  Big Banks will make you pay discount rates from 1% - 16%.
  5. You will have 100% of your funds typically within 48 hours and guaranteed within 72.
  6. We teach you how to sell on PAYMENT rather than PRICE, which will help you close more business.
  7. Our interest rates vary based on credit risk and range from 8.99% to a maximum of 19.99%.  These rates are FIXED.  Additionally, there are NO balloon payments, NO cosigner or guarantor fees, and NO prepayment penalties.  Big Banks will charge as high as 29.99%.  Will your customers think you helped them get a good deal at a 25% or 29% rate?  Absolutely not!
  8. We have a promotional offer on each and every single loan we make.  These offers can include 0% APR for 12 Months and No Payments for 90 Days.  EVERY SINGLE LOAN HAS A PROMOTIONAL OFFER, NO MATTER HOW BAD THE CREDIT PROFILE.
  9. We create a custom link for your businesses website where you can have your own online credit application and a button saying “Apply For Financing.”  When a customer is approved you will receive an electronic notification within our system along with the customer’s information, approval amount and interest rate.  You then can then contact the customer and close the sale!
  10. Our loans are $1,000 – $30,000, require no money down and have terms between 48-72 months.
  11. Our lending pool is nearly $2.8 Billion and growing.  You will be working DIRECTLY with the financing/funding source that offers more reasonable rates than banks!

Our Financing Programs Versus the Big Banks

Auctus Rebus

  1. We teach you how to pay 0% of the Merchant Discount rate and instead receive 100% of the sale.  You will not have to absorb discount rates.  If your product costs $5000 you WILL RECEIVE $5000.

  2. Auctus Rebus will approve customers all the way down to a 560 credit score thus are approving the majority of the applications received.  Simply put, Auctus Rebus wants the business more than Big Banks and we are willing to work harder.  When we review an application for credit, we look at more than the FICO score, unlike the Big Banks.  We focus on a client's payment performance over the past year to give them a better opportunity for approval.  We know America hasn't been the same over the past few years and we give those people who have been showing improvement a chance by approving their loan application.

  3. Auctus Rebus will typically have 100% of the funds in your account within 48 hours and guarantees the funds in your account by 72 hours.

  4. Auctus Rebus offers 0% APR for 12 Months as an option on all loans, even down to a 560 credit score.  Additionally, we can offer NO PAYMENTS for 90 Days with some applicants.

  5. Our Program charges a monthly fee of $39 which covers all applications.  There really is no other solution out there like ours, we REALLY DO approve most applications we receive.  Again, our rates are capped at 19.99% even with a 560 credit score!
Big Banks
  1. Big Banks charge a "Merchant Discount Fee" that is anywhere from 1 - 16%.  This is the cost of their money and the merchant is expected to pay.

  2. If you currently offer financing, you know that Big Banks reject nearly all credit applications.  Currently they approve customers with credit scores in excess of 720,  making it hard for business owners to get their customers approved for financing.  Even worse is how credit requirements are expected to get more strict in the months and years to come.  This year, Banks are expected to look at 740 credit scores and above, meaning they will reject all but preferred applicants. 

  3. Big Banks typically fund the money to your account within 72 hours.

  4. Big Banks offer some kind of 0% APR offer with each approved loan.

  5. Big Banks typically charge to use their financing, although there are some exceptions.  Most business owners would not be happy to pay them even a small fee since they are denying most applications submitted and charging clients up to 30% in interest charges.

Why we are vital for your business!

Fewer than 10% of consumers use cash or checks for purchases over $700.00.
32% of consumers don’t own a credit card and 68% of US credit card holders have less than 5% of their available credit limit.
Only 33% of US consumers are considered as prime, meaning they possess a credit score of 740 or greater.  Credit requirements of the big banks are expected to tighten even more, are you ready?
Update: We are soon launching our Private Credit Card Program! You will be able to offer your customers a revolving line of credit that includes a credit card Branded To Your Business.  This line of credit can only be used at your business thereby increasing repeat sales and reducing your customers shopping the competition. Other credit grantors allow their credit lines to be used by your competitors even if the account originated from your business!  Contact us today to be one of the first to offer this exciting new product.