Medical and Dental Patient Financing

In our economy more than ever medical and dental providers have suffered as both insured and un-insured patients lack the ability to pay for treatments and procedures. Even consumers with “fair” credit and not “perfect” credit are unable to obtain financing with traditional programs like CareCredit which turns down many if not most applicants causing much unneeded embarrassment and suffering. Auctus Rebus provides patient funding in all 50 states and has representatives throughout the country. As one example, if your practice is located in our home state of Texas, the average credit score according to a report published July of 2011* is 674! If you currently offer outside patient financing, the institution doesn’t care if your typical patient is more likely have a credit score that is too low to qualify. If your practice is located in an area with lower than average national credit scores, your practice is severely handicapped unless you have sources to fund your patients.

Poor Credit Long Term Financing:

Auctus Rebus offers long term financing up to 72 months at a maximum rate of 19.99% interest with credit scores down to 560. Due to our recent and current economy few people have a 690 credit score which is usually required for traditional programs like CareCredit. With our financing, we expect to finance AT LEAST HALF OR MORE OF YOUR TURNDOWNS! How many more patients would your practice have if you could offer funding to half the patents you currently turn down because of bad credit? Plus, there are many patients who are simply afraid to apply, but if you tell them you have second special program for patients with poor credit, you can dramatically expand your patient base. You could even advertise financing for poor credit putting you a huge step in front of your competition. With our funding sources, after a quick approval you will receive your full payment within 72 hours, and typically within 48. Your practice will not have to deal with any collections and there is no liability on your part if the patient does not pay. In fact, having a third party funding source verses offering in house financing also maintains your relationship with your patient in the event of a default.

No Credit Needed Short Term Payment Plans:

This is a very popular program offering 3, 6 and 12 month payment plans with NO TRADITIONAL CREDIT CHECK! The program is a great option for less expensive procedures and treatments for both good and bad credit patients, and for patients who can afford to pay for any service in 12 months or less. Also, your practice will never have any discount points to absorb! Some providers offer this as a first option for their patients when the costs of a long term payment plan can be avoided. If your practice is not offering this program you are losing revenue and losing patients. The requirements for this program are based on the patients check writing history and income, and not dependent upon a credit score.

For more information, call or email us today at no cost or obligation to consult with a medical and dental financing specialist. We will evaluate your needs and show you how to increase your patient base right away!